Want to know when iOS apps go free?

iOS Apps Gone FreeA while back I found a little gem of an iOS app that let’s you know which apps are being offered for free. The name of the app lacks a little originality but makes sense, it is titled AppsGoneFree [free]. Each day they list some apps that usually cost money but for whatever reason the publisher has decided to make them free for a limited time.

I have picked up a few gems via the app and highly recommend grabbing it. I do pay attention to the ratings and read the description but heck, if an app is free and looks like it’s worth a click, download it…

Let me know if you find anything worth keeping!

Note: If you like what they are doing they have another app called AppStart [free] for new iPhone owners (or ones that need help) or AppAdvice [$1.99] which is a full service iOS app with reviews, news, etc.

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