Need to send yourself emails faster on your iPhone? Noted App

This is a question that I asked myself for a long time. In my life if something isn’t in my Gmail inbox, there is a good chance I wont remember it. So I would find myself emailing myself all the time on my iPhone. I figured there must be an app to make this easier.

Of course I was right, I tried a few but settled on Noted. It is so simple, but has made life a lot easier. All you do is open it, put in your email address that you want it to go to and you are set. It has a very nice clean interface, it gives you a full window to type in your message and a send button.

I know there is a lot of fuss out there about “to-do” systems and the like but I am already using my email all the time so it works for me. For only $1.99 this has been well worth it, on the Noted website they explain how it is 3 steps compared to using the iPhone’s mail app.

Noted [$1.99] Noted. Notes Emailed to You - AnalogueBits

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  1. Tyler says:

    The Noted website says using the built in iPhone email app is an 8 step process. I believe that is bunk. It is really more like a 5 step process. Nonetheless, it’s a great idea…but I’ll save my 2 bucks and go buy a coffee.

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