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Are you ready to upgrade to iOS 8? iThink not.

At some point tomorrow, September 17th, Apple will be releasing this year’s major update to your iPhone software, iOS 8. I believe there is a good chance you aren’t ready to update and should probably wait. If you know for … Continue reading

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Are you ready to update to iOS 7?

At some magical point tomorrow, September 18th, Apple will release iOS 7 to the masses. Before you go ahead and press that update button, I have a few points for you to consider that might save you a headache. Backup … Continue reading

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How many iOS apps is too many?

I have an app hoarding problem, there I said it. I download a lot of apps, I mean a lot. I have slowed down recently after a self intervention, but as you can see in the image, I currently have … Continue reading

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What should I buy at my carrier store?

I was reminded today to remind you all why you shouldn’t buy anything at your cell phone carrier’s store besides a cell phone. A coworker with an Android phone said that the AT&T store was all out of 32 gig … Continue reading

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What if I’m not getting an iPhone 5?

I get so wrapped up in the iPhone world that sometimes I forget about all of you out there that don’t wake up at midnight to preorder the latest phone. Those of you that don’t have staggered contracts so that … Continue reading

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