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Want the IKEA catalogue on your iPhone?

I like to think of IKEA as the iPhone of furniture stores, or something like that. Simple, beautiful, functional and the list goes on. Well now you can have the best of both worlds with the updated IKEA catalogue (yep … Continue reading

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What will the new iPhone be like?

The folks over at Infographic Labs put together this infographic, go figure, about the chances of what will be in the next iPhone. They give the percentages of what rumors might come true. I love the 0% chance for a … Continue reading

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Want the creepiest iPhone case out there?

Came across this little gem of an iPhone case on the internets. It is very creepy but I could also see it’s usefulness. I mean it wont slip out of your hand and it can hold stuff. At $64.20, how … Continue reading

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What are the best iPhone apps for travel? [quick-link]

Gigaom has a great article discussing several great apps for when you travel (now I just need some free money and paid time off apps). The best part, they are all free. Head on over and check out “Go away: … Continue reading

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Whats a good app for stopping the apps running in the background?

Wes R. asked this question on Facebook and said his friend’s iPhone battery is dying way too quickly. I have had the same problem especially when I get a ton of apps going. The sad thing is there is not … Continue reading

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