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What has the iPhone done in 4 years?

This week marks the 4th birthday of the iPhone, prompting many people to talk about the iPhone and how it has changed things. I was one of those people in line the day the first one came out and have … Continue reading

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How do I child-proof my iPhone? [quicklink]

    Saw this article about child-proofing your iPhone. I am currently childless, but know that this could be helpful to parents (haven’t seen any chihuahua-proofing articles, maybe I will have to work on one). Head on over to … Continue reading

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Why all the questions?

You might have noticed that all of my post titles have been in the form of a question. This was on purpose because I was getting you prepped for the next stage of this site. I want your questions! I … Continue reading

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Do you love the iPhone camera(s)?

I guess that is a somewhat loaded question, especially if you don’t have the iPhone 4. I do have the iPhone 4 and I love the camera(s) and apparently I am not the only one. I say camera(s) because there … Continue reading

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Do you use Voice Control on your iPhone?

So I have to be honest on this one. I had accidentally found it a few times and didn’t really realize what it was until the AT&T guy showed it to my wife when I finally got her an iPhone … Continue reading

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